Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, 'You owe me.'

Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.

- hafez

I am Robbie Moore. I've been traveling the world since I was born and it wasn't until my eighteenth birthday that I started acting. I am an up-and-coming actor. I am currently trying to break into the industry and have been grateful enough to be in in several movies and television shows. I love being on set with my friends and co-stars. I can't imagine what type of person wouldn't want to be an actor just because it's tough getting your foot in the door; it's about perseverance more than anything else! I also really love spending time traveling the world.

I was born in Los Angeles and raised partially in Amman, Jordan. I started my career by doing stand-up comedy around local venues around my neighborhood at the age of nineteen. I love going to work with the intent of portraying different characters and impersonating the different kinds of people I meet every day. In addition to being an actor, I have been writing jokes for over five years for myself. My favorite comedic genre is observational humor where I take on what's happening in society today through storytelling or personification like when I do impressions of my middle eastern family.

I am here to tell you that the world is an amazing place. I've seen so many places in my short time on this earth, and nothing beats Disneyland. So what do you want to know about me? Well, not much really- just that life's AMAZING! My passions are acting (because it's the best thing ever) and surfing (because it makes me feel like a rockstar). The other things that I love doing are hanging out with friends (they're pretty cool), traveling (it lets you gain a fresh perspective!), or going to Disneyland because then you have no worries at all.

I'm just your average millennial. I worked in the sales industry, and spent most of my days at the office. But after a long day's work, I love going to the gym to relieve stress and clear my mind.. still do. Fun fact, I managed to loose sixty pounds in just two years and I used to look like the Michelin Man and now I just look like hotter version of the Michelin Man. It also helps me with mental health and seriously though if you ever feel down, go to the gym and the sweat will be clapping for you. I've been in the sales industry for most of my life, and one day I decided to start my own video production business.

After traveling the world for six months, in twenty countries and three continents I came back with several hours of stock drone footage that I had no idea what to do with. So one day I saw an advertisement online on how to become a full-time filmmaker, I purchased into the program, bought thousands of dollars worth of equipment that I had no idea how to use at the time and now have a business called “Moore Productions” where I create high end video content for clients from all over the world. By the time I had just enough clients to support my self, willingly got fired from my employer which was a blessing as it helped me realize the whole 9-5 career thing can make you feel like you need job security. I thanked my firing boss for the encouragement to move on and live a better life. Well! That’s me in a nutshell, what about you, what are you up to?





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I was born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area. I am an actor, director, and cinematographer. My love for acting is what brought me to Los Angeles where my family now resides.

My passion for being behind the camera started as a natural progression of my acting career: one day I realized that not only did I enjoy performing but also having creative input into how things were filmed and edited together. Soon after that realization, I began developing skills as a cinematographer and director building a production brand – all while still actively pursuing work as an actor. One of my objectives is to help actors develop their careers by providing them knowledge about both sides of film making so they can be more empowered when pursuing their career.


Casting directors are always looking for new talent to cast in their projects. It’s important that you have a demo reel that is up to date and ready to go before casting agents can even consider you for an audition. Without one, they won’t even look at your headshot or resume!

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